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Gift card purchases and Terms

  1. River Cruises Latvia standard gift card can be purchased on the boat River boat “VECRĪGA”
  2. Gift cards nominal value – EUR 15 and EUR 25
  3. Gift card is a non-cash means of payment, which can be paid for trips on the River Cruise  Latvia boats – River boat „VECRĪGA” Canal boats “AMBER RĪGA”, “AURORA” , „ANNABELLA” and “ARABELLA”.
  4. Gift Card to be used in one purchase at a time. Making a settlement with a gift card, it is returned to the boat ticket seller.
  5. Gift Card purchaser can be used in conjunction with other means of payment – a payment card or cash.
  6. Gift card can not be exchanged for cash. Case of loss of card is not renewed.
  7. Gift Card valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  8. Gift card expired more than two months, can not be restored, and the money is not returned.

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